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Like other Fincher movies Gone Girl deals with a theme that so many of us can relate to - religion (Se7en), ambition (The Social Network), anger (Fight Club), fear (Zodiac) - now it’s love. You can choose to think that there really is no love here - just lies, pretending and hellish entrapment. Or you can choose to believe that Nick and Amy are so uniquely messed up that they become the modern kind of soul mates - all their issues, all their bad experiences, all the things that made them cold, insecure and fucked up shaped them into these two specific people who understand each other and who see each other better than anyone in the world sees them.

There’s something oddly romantic about that.

- Beauty covers rot, Cinematic Corner’s review of Gone Girl (x)



GONE!!!!!! GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

I just watched it. Rosamund pike your accent was questionable but you looked like a QUEEN 👸

+ soundtrack!!!

Girls from a West Bank village cool off in the Dead Sea.
By Paolo Pellegrin

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Alexandra Pacula (b.1979), Radiant Clusters (2014), oil on canvas, 97 x 147 cm. Via 1stdibs.

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It’s you and me Evans

for theinternetnargle who has been a friend and fellow fangirl since..well since forever.I hope you like this.You can print it out yourself.Unless you want me to print it out zibs which I probably won’t!just kidding

Oh well!Here’s a butterbeer toast to you turning 16!!Happy Birthday!!

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